About Us

Normand Consulting is a small consulting organization that has been giving technical consultations for over 8 years. We have served on well over a hundred calls with dozens of customers. Our customers are typically households in need of technical help, to small businesses needing a new wireless network or website. We try to keep an active, customer oriented environment when planning out a job or when giving a consultation.


Our services span a broad range of technology. We have the capability to, with the customer's input, wireless and wired networks for home and small businesses as well as servers to perform various tasks. A majority of our consultations are about what technology should be purchased to fit a situation, whether it's a child going off to college, a new family computer, or what entertainment to put in a business waiting room. We are also fully capable of setting up any AV equiptment ranging from TVs to surround sound systems and projectors.

Contact Us

You can primarily contact us anytime through email at:



or text/call (908) 902-2202


We're typically available from 5 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri and any time on the weekend